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Grim Jun 20, 2013 @ 11:31am
confused about demo/full game differences
Hi guys,

i played the demo several times and enjoyed it pretty much. So i went on and bought the game..

at first i tried the multiplayer just to recognize there is no free space to explore, and not even my own ship. i just saw a ship i controlled from above and wasnt even able to change view. it was like a ****in minigame, nothing more -.-°

after that negative experience i tried the singleplayer and recognized that the koop option was there. Actually being a little happy that i found it i started a solo singleplayer campain.

Like in the demo i really enjoyed it, but after that...

flying into the "mothership" or what ever it was called i only was able to select a mission on a mission map.

To sum it up i somehow may have expected it to be a little more like freelancer, being able to fly across big space areas by myself and not playing one "map" after another like in old singleplayer shooters.

Am i too impatient? am i still in some sort of tutorial mode? what did i do wrong ^^?
(dont say "you bought the game")
I tried the demo, i read artikels and several threads about it. But not a single one said "watch out dude, looks like free space but infact is just level to level"

^^ hope u guys can enlighten me a little bit.
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necrosand (Banned) Jun 26, 2013 @ 5:13am 
Nothing like Freelancer.
It's a linear semi-open shooter.
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