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Reway Prison -> Game Crash / Bug

did someone get the same bug, and perhaps find a solution ?

because i dont find a solution on the official forum and when i ask the support team by email i get :

Originally posted by Miner Wars Team:
sorry for caused troubles, we will look where's the problem and try to fix it with next patch release.

Thanks for you effort with improving our game!

Best Regards,
Miner Wars Team

here is the first post on the official forum that describe the problem :
Originally posted by TwoBitMatt:
On the mission where you go to Reway Prison, as soon as the level finishes loading, my game crashes to desktop. No idea why. Have tried nearly everything I can think of (verify steam cache, redownload, load old checkpoint and play back to there) etc etc etc and nothing.

Been lurking on forums for a while so I manage to avoid doing anything that should destabilize / corrupt my saves. Don't see anyone else having the same issue. Already sent in a bug email (granted, just now) but wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Edit: When I say after load, I mean occasionally I'll even hear Madelyn say "here we are" before the crash.

Link to the topic on official forum[www.minerwars.com]

I hope that someone could help or let an idea to debug it myself.


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Marek Rosa  [developer] Jan 25, 2013 @ 2:16am 
We fixed this yesterday, please try it now.
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