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HighKillerDK 2013年1月16日上午8:14
3,5mb update removed always online DRM?
I saw a 3.5mb today and started the game to see what had been changed, because there was no news or changelog details to be found.

I realized after a half an hour.. that i was playing with my account disconnected, which must mean that they have removed always online DRM.
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evstream 2013年1月16日下午1:09 
No, it was always that way.
If you got disconnected by accident (or intentionally), you keep on playing alright without the connection.
You lose nothing, all is saved locally.
Marek Rosa  [开发者] 2013年1月16日下午2:00 
Actually CandyFace is right, this new update brought some new stuff... more on that tomorrow.
HighKillerDK 2013年1月16日下午2:08 
:O Well that's very nice to hear ^^
can't wait to hear more.
最后由 HighKillerDK 编辑于; 2013年1月16日下午2:09
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