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Miner Wars 2081

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AbsynthMinded (Banned) Apr 9, 2013 @ 7:05am
Development Suggestions
I have removed this game for now. I found it amusing and a solid advancement from the Descent franchise. However, with an open and persistant'ish game world there are a few key missing elemnts which would greatly improve replayability for single player and co-op mode.

Primarily, this game begs for well established quest hubs and radiant questing generation as you would find in Skyrim. As well, a system for generic random generated lairs, nebulas, asteroid fields, abandoned hulks.

Secondly, this game requres those things to establish an actual Trade Economy, which tho advertised does not exists in any real sense. There is no purpose to mining, or any activity beyond the story line beyond curiosity, or item/ship hunting.

Third, this game needs a dynamic crafting system. Where in you can design and build your own craft, for you and AI allies, with variances in attributes based on design choices. Custom weapons and equipment, consumables and unique perks or items.

I have other general thoughts but I'm not playing anymore to formulate more distinct opinions and commentary. This game has graet potential, I'm rather tired of paying for potential. That aside, if this game had a backbone of questing, economy and crafting, I wouldnt stop playing for quite some time.
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Mog (Banned) Apr 29, 2013 @ 10:04am 
This game needs the features that make it more than "look, I can move like it's Descent!". If this only had half of what they advertised it would, it wouldn't be getting these horrible reviews.

This game could use a lot more than you suggest, and I generally agree on most of your ideas. It's been about 5 months since I checked back on this game, and it's in the same condition I left it - grossly lacking any substantial content or dynamics.

There has been nothing to indicate that Keen is dilligently improving and working on these issues, which were first brought up in post-alpha stages. It's my (limited) understanding that they're working on cranking out an MMO title/version, and I would, without hesitation, be happy to bet my next paycheck that it will flop nearly immediately. It'll make APB look like a booming success.
AbsynthMinded (Banned) Apr 29, 2013 @ 10:13am 
Yeah.. I wouldnt dream of taking this engine and system to MMO levels.
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