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arrjayjee 2013年3月22日 2時37分
Current state of DRM?
I'm just wondering what the current state of DRM for this game is. Does it only use Steam's own DRM or is there third-party DRM installed along-side the game (such as SecuROM or TAGES)?
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Marek Rosa  [開発者] 2013年3月22日 3時30分 
It only uses Steam
Brienne 2013年3月22日 8時04分 
Player needs web access even if it s a solo game?
evstream 2013年3月22日 8時24分 
You can play MW 2081 singleplayer without internet access, with Steam in offline mode.
最近の変更はevstreamが行いました; 2013年3月22日 8時25分
Cobalt Lion 2013年3月22日 9時10分 
The game now only uses the Steam DRM. The developer was nice and removed the Always Online system that it had to begin with.
skiiwa 2013年3月23日 0時18分 
About Freakin Time...When will they learn.
Full Metal 2013年3月23日 20時05分 
Its been off for awhile ;)

Its also Open Source now! We can build some mods, been fun looking through all the code.
Spray & Pray 2013年3月26日 13時09分 
OK, it's finally safe to buy then. Just in time for the sale (note to devs: I would have bought it earlier at full price except for the unnecessary DRM).
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