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istratisfied 2013年6月22日下午5:55
First Thoughts on Forge
There are so many cool things about this game. It has so many dynamics and so many cool classes to choose from with great gameplay. It is a difficult game to get used to due to the fact that I pretty much suck at games like this, but I love them so much. If I could find a good way to bind my keys so I can keep moving while casting spells then this game will be all that I could have ever wanted. Great game, great community, cannot wait to spend hours playing it
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Tizk 2013年6月23日上午8:33 
Hay, Nice to know we have another cool player in the community!
If your having trouble with keybinds then im guessing you havnt played many mmos, but if you have the money a good gaming mouse will give you an easier way to use all of the abilities (Im a noob so i have to use naga) Anyway Hope to see you ingame!
Tizk 2013年6月23日上午8:49 
ALSO, if you cant afford a gaming mouse you can actualy use an Xbox 360 controller if you already have one, It has enough buttons for all your abilities and movment options, it does have to be a wierd controller though!
catwhowalksbyhimself 2013年6月23日下午7:56 
I have the keys bound similar to the old default, with the keys surrounding the movement keys bound to most of the abilities, plus the middle mouse button as well. A game bad would work too. And yes, welcome to the game. If you can't find players, be sure to look up how to manually switch servers. The game isn't good at finidng a busy server for you, which is it's bigget flaw (and also the reason why people keep saying there's no one to play with. It isn't true, but the game keeps putting people into empty servers instead of the ones with people in them.) The devs are working on that, though.
Razius 2013年6月26日下午5:03 
Hey man nice post!
Forge is not an easy game and I know at the beginning it can be though to get it down but... it has the best community I've seen so far so.... If you need help feel free to add me on steam and I'll give you any advice you may need.

See ya in game!!
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