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Minervas_Touch Jun 22, 2013 @ 10:55am
I am sorry shamans but heres some help from a .. not so friendly assassin.
Please dont take it personal, but when I see a shaman and im playing an assasin your my number #1 priority target. So in an effort to make things more competitive and fun im going to help you.

This is definitely a time where I will devulge 10 tips on how to impede an assassins harassment or desire to kill you.

1st: Use voice chat, yes you heard me.. use the voice chat call it out

"Hey assassin on me, I need a peel, get this guy off me im your healer"

You'd be surprised how many venegful players will come to pwn that assassins face, chances are you aren't the only he has killed and people are looking for payback.

2nd: Your anti-gravity button, (E) when you get out of his stun or pin you can use this to jump high in the air, but don't forget your wall jumping will be incredibly far and powerful with this on. Yes jumping a few times in the air will give you time for the assasin's bleed/snare to wear off but what you really want is distance.

3rd: Don't go places alone unless you have to.. assasins love a lone target, and we'll use ALL our abilitys to keep you alone. Stay close enough to other players to heal but not so far in that you get molested by the enemy team. Line of sight healing will help you alot here.

4th: don't forget you can drain Action points (F) you generally want to do this after you have already been pinned or stunned so they cant interrupt you. If you lose line of sight, or if they go out of range this will break.

5th: Use your self heal multiple times, (it can stack) this is especially good if you have the extra Action points coming from your drain.

6th. Don't use your dome of protection if your fighting an assassin that is consistently pulling you into the shadow realm. When an assasin pulls anyone into the shadow realm any domes, firewalls, traps, turrets, etc disappear until the ability expires.

7th. Use your block! If you can't escape or create distance between you and the assassin block.

8: Wall jump like a boss, its much harder to melee someone moving in mid air. You can consistently stay in the air or in movement if you keep bouncing off walls and you can look down and use your mouse 1 to gain action points while healing your self with (G)

9. Get a dedicated body guard, often times the best way to kill an assassin is to bring a friend! Another assassin is amazingly good at peeling them off you, your the bait they open up on you, and your friend opens up on them. Pathfinders are also exceptionally good at this because you can just stand near some traps and they'll run into those often and you'll see them coming.

10. Don't forget to sprint! While holding shift will drain some Action points if will make you a great deal faster, and this is amplifyed every time you hit someone with mouse 1 your speed will increase dramatically. So strafing, sprinting, and making your movements more erratic and quick will make it harder for an asssasin to follow you unless you have the snare on.

I look forward to harassing green hazel later :)

<3 you haha
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Wayward1 Jun 22, 2013 @ 5:49pm 
Nice tips Nemy! Now, you gonna regret you shared them! See you in game!
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