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DarkValeGames_Alec Jun 7, 2013 @ 12:49pm
[DEV DIARY] June 5th Edition
Tons of new features are coming to Forge over the next few months. These include: Free Tinkerer DLC (new character), guild functionality, Ravager Wars mode and more!

We’ve been very fortunate to have an active community that has taken a big role in helping guide us on development. We are still an indie developer and therefore must choose very carefully what features we work on with our limited resources. We’ve had numerous meetings where we put all of your features and requests up on a whiteboard and discussed which items we can feasibly do with our limited resources and which items would have the most return for the resource buck. We then shopped the list with our partners at DC and SuperGenius to come up with a final prioritized list.

We’ve heard over and over again how much you wanted more hit feedback so we all worked together with your input to come up with a good solution that we think you’ll be happy with. We are currently testing this in our Beta environment and it should be in the next patch.

As you may have guessed (and will hopefully be excited about), we’re close and are in final testing with the Tinker class. Not only will it be great to have a new class, but with this “Free DLC” we will hopefully bring a new influx of players into the game.

It’s kind of hard to imagine that DC has any extra time, but, in their extra time they have created a mod to Forge called “Ravager Wars.” We hope to put it on a couple servers on the next patch.

A little further down the road we have a plan for an overhaul of the progression system. We’ve had some fantastic player involvement in coming up with a new progression system that will de-serialize progression to support different player personalities. It will allow new players to quickly unlock mechanical unlocks to stop ‘imbalance’ claims, and allow new players more options more quickly. A new currency will be introduced for purchasing cosmetic items which will accrue similarly to the amount of XP currently required to unlock cosmetic items. We hope this will help in growing our player base by keeping new players engaged and by providing more content for our very important veteran players as well.

Another item we’re in the early stages of is Guilds. We hope to further encourage a sense of community from players and allow for more team play which should improve the experience of objective game play such as Capture the Relic. Forge is definitely a team based game and the introduction of guilds is the first step in our plan for organized teams. The guild progression system will provide players benefits such as an XP multiplier, exclusive Guild skins, titles, and more.

We realize this last item, providing some kind of free demo, freemium, or F2P service, may raise some eyebrows. We hope you all know that we all want what’s best for Forge and the Forge community. We are not looking for a way to nickel and dime you but more of a way for Forge to survive in this big publisher world. As you know, being an indie, we don’t have huge marketing budgets (or any marketing budget) and rely mostly on you and steam for bringing in new players. Going F2P will increase our CCU’s which will be enjoyable for all of us to play. We made a promise early on that Forge would never be “Pay to Win” and we stand by that as we investigate moving to a F2P model. In the simplest model, we would reserve progression and guilds for those who bought the game. F2P players would still earn XP and the new currency, but couldn’t spend it or get any benefit until they upgraded. So, it’s more of a freemium model.

If you look at our forums, you’ll see that all of these ideas came from you all and we really appreciate everything you do to make Forge better. Please keep up the discussions as we really do read and listen to what you say.
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ImmortalStep Jun 13, 2013 @ 3:10pm 
GOOD STUFF <3 DEV SUPPORT <3. PS. there are a few unique and significant trolls that seem to kill pub matches. im trying to fix this issue, keep focusing on what your doing!! <3
کاکاسیاه Jun 14, 2013 @ 10:19am 
When I try to join a game it says that the servers are full, I just picked the game up and I can't even play it...Is it like this all the time?
Aleks Augruso facebook me Jul 1, 2013 @ 3:33pm 
Originally posted by Clickers:
When I try to join a game it says that the servers are full, I just picked the game up and I can't even play it...Is it like this all the time?

i restarted the game and it was fine
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