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Pinning this. From the patch notes in the forum post:

These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but don't cover every modification to the game as part of this update.


Infrastructural changes to help us make ELO and XP more reliable and robust.
Added Practice Arena to the Arena map rotation.
If you disconnect or leave after a part of a round, your XP is saved.
Fixed players getting a team if they join a Ranked Arena game while it's running.
Fixed Ranked Arena games starting with uneven teams when a player on a team leaves in the warmup.
Score display period sped up for Ranked Arena games (from 18s to 10s).
Fixed Founder armor set not working if you disconnected and then reconnected to a server.
Fixes to improve the server counts in the Steam server browser.
Stopped bots in large Co-op games from spamming the chat so much.
Fixed casting effect bugs that can be caused by high ping.
Now blocking Ranked Arena to new users until they've earned 30,000 XP.


New ranking icons.
Improved the reliability of the Play menu unlocking.
Fixed a couple of issues with cooldown sliders and cooldown flashes with some ability orders.
Fixed the escape menu warning about leaver status when you're a spectator in Ranked Arena.
Forsaken message made clear in the main menu and clearer in-game.
Fixed issue where hitting Escape in some frontend sub-menus could break the menu.
Preceptor and Tournament Winner titles and scoreboard prefixes added.
Changes to hopefully improve AMD Eyefinity users - not full support.


Bot skill level in Co-op mode is now adjusted more often and doesn't require a respawn.


Assassin's Disorienting Strike focus B no long has the 'miss next attack' component.
Removed Assassin's Panteras Kiss (default only) initial damage.


Shaman's Spiritual Burden cooldown to 12s from 10s.
Shaman's Spiritual Fervor focus A now has a 10s cooldown, no mana cost.
Shaman's Blessed Aura focus A AOE range reduced.


Warden's Shockwave range down to 650 from 700.
Cooldown for Warden's Shockwave up to 12s from 10s.
Warden's Charging Leap mana cost to 10 from 15.


Removed the pin from Ravager's Grapple.
Ravager's Mangle cooldown to 2s from 0 (GCD).
Ravager's Mangle cost to 20 from 15.
Ravager's Grapple now only costs 1/2 energy if missed (1/2 on firing 1/2 on hit).
The pull on Ravager's Grapple now always happens on hits (damage can still be blocked).
Fixed Ravager's Hook and Grapple beam VFX in multiplayer.
Fixed Ravager Sword mode acting like Chain mode when you don't have a target.
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Forge > General > Topic Details
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