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Miller Dec 28, 2013 @ 5:23am
First impression
cool but repetative... its like cod but without being able to unlock and customize as you level up.. the grind is in vain you get nothing new.. stat customization is like what 4 stats or something.. the skill modifiers are for the most part less impressive.. in the end there is not much point to the grind.. the days of counter strike grinding for nothing are over we want rewards and customizations that effect stats more drasticly.. not allowing sex change on classes just means i wont use certain classes and your advertised amount of class options is therefore a lie to someone like me as 3 classes are female and i wont play all 3!.. i understand you dont want pay to win but at some point youll have to decide if you want this game to be a success or not.. we would all rather it be pay to win with more stat customization items with stats and so on with level reqs(as long as f2p can still obtain).. the game is boring after like 2 matches because you quickly ralise thats it if you already looked at th unlocks per level and saw how minor they are..

my advice add more customization to stats and gear that adds+removes stats(ie +1 speed -1 armor on a single item slot and you can have a entire set like that..) make it pay2 win while sill allowing f2p grinders to get it all.. put up with the its p2w whiners and have a successful game where people are farming for there goal and it becomes a rewarding unique character..
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Minervamedica Dec 28, 2013 @ 8:08pm 
No thanks, no "grinding" needed for forge.

The stat allocation makes a huge difference you just haven't played with it enough. Having more energy on assassin or speed to get away (depending on your playstyle) can have quite an impact on how effective you play your character.

The point of Forge from the start is that you are arguably just are powerful as the person who is 39 levels above you... Thats ignoring that certain focuses are better then others.

For example the smoke bomb cloud that follows and protects you is far superior then its default or its other focuses. (IMO).

Going pay to win is only going to widen the large gap in skill and power of experienced players versus new ones.. and this game needs a population transfusion STAT.

Despite this I love this game, bought the original game at full price, and 6 copies when it was on sale and gifted them. I got my entertainment for my money and the game does have areas where it can improve but pay to win will be putting this game into its grave.


Having to grind to play a brand new game so you can be just as competitive with the core playerbase is going to turn too many players away from the game that already has a brutal learning curve.
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Miller Dec 29, 2013 @ 8:12am 
this game has no learning curve unless you are a moron.. with the low player base the only match i found was a 2v2 and i was the highest scorer with 0 deaths went for 15 minutes without dieing.. that was with a pyromancer but i can tell you the berserker is by far the most over powered class.. all in all the game is no fun it lacks any replay value or anything worth playing to.. and widen what gap? there is currently 0 gap as the game is dead
Incanuth Jan 6, 2014 @ 1:32am 
People complain about the gap but the real issue is they aren't willing to work for anything. Games these days hand you instant satisfaction with almost no effort involved. If you want to stand a chance against the better players then work at it and ask for help.
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