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Cool story bro.
Glad I spent 17€ for a game which ran out of players like 2 months after release.

Now it went F2P and people who actually bought the game got "rewarded" with armor packs.

Glad I dont have any fu cking armor to choose from....

Someone else with this issue?
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Remztan  [developer] Feb 17, 2014 @ 2:52pm 
I looked up your account and you do have the Pioneer Set. I'm investigating and going through server log files to see why you might not have seen them. I'll report back what I find. Sorry about that...
Remztan  [developer] Feb 17, 2014 @ 6:01pm 
I've bee looking through all the server logs and the really strange thing is I can't find where you logged in. I see where you played and had activity, but can't find the actual login event. My guess is that something happened during login so that it didn't grab your account.

Do you remember anything that might help me track this down from when you first started Forge? Do you happen to remember if the Store main menu item was grayed out?

At any rate, I think this was a one time occurrence and if you log in again it should work and you should see all your Armor. However, if you still don't please let me know and I'd like to work with you to try and figure this out. If it happened to you then maybe it will happen to someone else too.

Thanks and sorry again.

The Main Menu of the store was greyed out yesterday. Now its highlighted and I can see that I have all Shadow Sets in my inventory. Still I cant change them on my classes.

I can remember that in the past my character stats were wiped from time to time and I had to login several times to get them back... ^^

Thanks for your investigation though..
Remztan  [developer] Feb 18, 2014 @ 7:00am 
Ok, cool. That gives me some new details - I'll investigate further today. I really want to figure out what happened to your account. Will keep you posted...
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