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Gwin Jan 28, 2014 @ 5:42pm
Suggestion: Add one single server that bans the assassin
And see how many people join.

I've played 99% of games where developers think it's actually a good idea to add classes that instantly go invisible and can automatically attack you when hidden. Hell, I've played 111 hours of another game called Panzar which has this annoyance of a class mechanic. They can be dealt with of course, but it's such a huge annoyance to have to. Stop it with the argument that it helps you be alert. It's still a huge annoyance even if you are alert.

I'm only a lil' ol' newbie, so please refrain from insulting and talking about high level tier players. I'm talking about new player experiences. You know, the people that can actually add a population to the game. Enough of the try hard attitude with PvP games already. It's annoying and drives off new players. Take it easy. Ok. I played this game when it went on sale for $6, and I started out with another class. Funny enough, when attacked by an assassin, I was immediately stunned from out of nowhere, and let out one the longest sigh in my life. It was one of those classes again!

After being stunned while they were still hidden and invisible before they attacked, I was about to quit since I did not wanna deal with this garbage again, but first I wanted to see how easy it was to screw around with this class. Hours later of doing this, servers were being emptied with messages of people cursing me out and talking ♥♥♥♥ about assassins. I could teleport to them, and teleport us away so we could be all alone. After that, I picked a pathfinder and over 90% of the match I would lay down my traps and hug close to them, because there were assassins EVERYWHERE, and every 10 seconds I would find an assassin caught in my trap. After that they would do the obvious wall jumping and instantly turning invisible if I didn't catch them in time, and the whole match would just be this again. Assassins couldn't kill me as a pathfinder, but it was SO ANNOYING fighting against them. Not challenging, just annoying. Yes, many things in games can be annoying, but this was on a whole 'nother level.

After seeing what a joke the assassin made this game, I laughed for a minute, and quit this game. Now I come back and see this game is F2P and still as empty as ever. This game is fun, it's just that the assassin ruins it for new players.

You have enough servers, 99% of them being empty, with the one that has players only half full. Just add one server that bans assassins and see how populated it gets every day.