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Katana Jun 13 @ 8:20am
Unfortunate Metacritic rating
Hi folks. I don't often try a new F2P game, but the comparisons to TF2 and claims of highly balanced multiplayer made me interested in this one.

Seeing that it got a Metacritic rating of around 60 seemed pretty off-putting, since usually I don't even consider Metacritic reviews much unless they're below 70 - which is usually an indication of problems. I looked up some of the reviews, and mainly they seemed to discuss the idea that "There are a lot of interesting features there, but they're all buggy and very early; like we've all been made beta testers." But, all those reviews were around 2012 or so.

I don't necessarily devote a lot of time to new games, and I'm guessing it will take many hours just to get used to the classes, so I'd really like a constructive counter-opinion. Now that it's 2014, have most of the early issues with the game been fixed? A simple "Don't listen to reviews it's great play it now" isn't likely to convince me much - go into some detail.