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All Secret wilderness "Boss" Chests of Oblivion. And the best Dungeons to loot!
This guide show you the location of Every Boss Leveled wilderness Chests in Oblivion. This Guide also explains how the chests and loot chance of oblivion works. - HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE - READ THIS! - - You do not need to read all the text, however t...
Пасхалки в TES IV Oblivion
przez Retroman
Помогите автору ролика. Поставьте лайк и пройдите по ссылке ниже подпишитесь на канал.
Character Creation and Levelling
przez Pharnham
Information for creating powerful characters, getting them geared and cashed up instantly, and levelling them for maximum strength and enjoyment....
Oblivion Developers Console Cheat Guide
przez Chaz
To use cheat codes from the developers console command you must press the ~ key in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard. It's called the tilde key. WARNING : Make a save before using any commands and keep that save. It's possible t...
Secret Bow of Hatred's Soul!
przez Bloodycloud[Snipernoob]
Hello adventurer i found a amazing Bow in a Oblivion Gate. You cant finde the bow in only one special Oblivion Gate. It is inside the Chorrol Gate. It is located south of the North Country Stables. The gate must be explored to recruit the Coun...
Русификатор The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
przez Maxell_Rus
Руководство о русификации The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ...
Starters Equipment Guide
przez Rowan217
This Guide is meant for starters who can aquire decently strong gear right after exiting the sewers. What this guide will include: -Useful Armor and weapons -Enchanted Jewlery -More Gold -No cheats and no mods, only Vanilla Obl...
HD Texture pack для The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
przez Maxell_Rus
В этом руководстве я раскажу вам как поставить HD текстуры на The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ...
Where to find Guide – All Unique weapons armor, Glass, Daedra and more!
This guide is in progress. I will keep updateing it with video guides on how and where to find unique items, armor and wepons. I only ask that you please rate this guide up if it helped you. It is a good idea to follow me, or this guide as it is upd...
Power Leveling For PC
przez Fonrole
This guide is to tell you quick ways to Level up your skills in quick , even make it so you don't have to watch play the game, but do something eles, like TV...