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10 Essential Oblivion Mods
od Omaeka
A bunch of lite, easy to install mods that drastically change the quality of life in Oblivion, and make it feel much less dated....
Modder Oblivion en 2015 : un tutoriel chiant mais efficace
od Jeraw
Un tutoriel long mais complet. Les novices pourront apprendre à modder le jeu et ceux qui savent déjà modder trouveront une liste de mods fort pratique....
Ultimate Modding HUB
od Jadarma
This is a comprehensive list of the best mods available for Oblivion, categorised by function, along helpful links and insight - all so that you may have the best possible experience....
Power Leveling For PC
od Fonrole
This guide is to tell you quick ways to Level up your skills in quick , even make it so you don't have to watch play the game, but do something eles, like TV...
SnickSnack's useless showcase of Oblivion Monstrosities.
od SnickSnacks
This guide is mostly a showcase for my profile, so if you're a random person I'd recommend moving on, but you can stay if you want. WARNING : You are about to see creatures that required the following ingredients, Very short timing, careless use ...
Учителя, прокачка и книги навыков в Oblivion.
od slwaq
Тут вы можете найти учителей всех навыков и их местонахождение в Сиродиле, советы по прокачки навыков и атрибутов, и книги....
All Secret wilderness "Boss" Chests of Oblivion. And the best Dungeons to loot!
This guide show you the location of Every Boss Leveled wilderness Chests in Oblivion. This Guide also explains how the chests and loot chance of oblivion works. - HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE - READ THIS! - - You do not need to read all the text, however t...
How to start Oblivion with the Right Foot
od Mr.Pink // CrawlBack
This is a Beginner's Guide to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This guide is meant for new players to the game who find the game hard, dislike the combat or have no idea what are they supposed to do when they get out of jail....
Пасхалки в TES IV Oblivion
od Retroman
Помогите автору ролика. Поставьте лайк и пройдите по ссылке ниже подпишитесь на канал.
Character Creation and Levelling
od Pharnham
Information for creating powerful characters, getting them geared and cashed up instantly, and levelling them for maximum strength and enjoyment....