SPOILERS mythic dawn
any suggestions on getting the book my stuff and getting out alive
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Sesh Apr 8 @ 4:04pm 
Don't hand your stuff over. You can kill the guard at the entrance, you can kill everyone but Camoran. Just attack, don't talk to anyone, it doesn't really help.
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pleasenoname3 Apr 8 @ 11:17pm 
Make sure to get a strong shock shield spell. It is a very difficult scenario. Have potions with shock resistance. Have heal other spell available. Bring a follower if necessary. I teleported in a pack guar.
currently i have a mage who can't do mythic dawn, and a kinght (tring to make him all rounder) who can't beat oblivion
pleasenoname3 Apr 10 @ 2:58pm 
It's a very difficult scenario, I spent months deciding the best way to take out the Mythic Dawn.
HappyThoughts Apr 10 @ 3:25pm 
I just saved it 'till later. Once you're full daedric and a master of a couple of skills it suddenly becomes easier. That or you can level your illusion to 75 and get invisibilityyyyyy. The greatest cheat of them all/
pleasenoname3 Apr 10 @ 3:28pm 
I have invisibilty, because I chose the Shadow. I took out the Mythic Dawn at level 2.
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