RagePoweredGamer Apr 4, 2014 @ 8:41am
Anthology Disc Read Problems
I've never made a forum post before, but I figured this is one of my last options after emailing Microsoft and Bethesda about this issue. So I just bought Anthology recently and began installing the games in order of their release dates. After finishing the Morrowind installation, I moved straight to Skyrim, because I've been craving some modded gameplay, having recently moved to PC gaming. Everything worked fine. I've been using Steam mods, Nexus mods, and booted every game up with no issues. That was about a week ago. Now I've gone to install the Morrowind DLC and Oblivion, which is where the problem started. I got the Morrowind add-ons installed with no issues. But when I put in Oblivion disc one, my computer said there was no disc in the drive. Puzzled, I opened my drive, reinserted the disc and tried again. Still nothing. I restarted my computer, used a lens cleaning disc, still says there's no disc. I brought the disc to my friend's computer, which has much lower specs (a bargain low-end HP from 2009/2010) and the disc pulled up with no problem, showing the files. I don't know if this matters, but I'm using an Asus laptop from late 2012. It has decent enough specs to be able to run Skyrim on Ultra with mods installed and have no noticable frame loss. I tried putting in disc 2 for Oblivion, and it won't open anything, but hovering over the disc shows that there is (blank) MBs used and (blank) MBs free. I have put in numerous other discs, and there's no problems with any of them. Anything I haven't mentioned here, is something that I am not aware of to try, so please feel free to offer any suggestions. I have faith in ths community, as I've seen some of the things you guys are capable of. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!
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Bumbefly Sony Test םו Apr 8, 2014 @ 2:05pm 
Hi RagePoweredGamer.
Since you're asking on Steam, did you by any chance already use the Steam-key for Morrowind? (i didn't get around to installing Anthology yet so i don't know if i can help you toward an answer for your question, but read this) :

Originally posted by bethblog.com/category/anthology/:
As a bonus, the included Steam key will activate Steam versions of Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY Deluxe. Like the disc release of Oblivion, the deluxe versions include the main game, Knights of the Nine, and Shivering Isles, but it also adds English versions of the Wizard’s Tower, Fighter’s Stronghold, Orrery, Thives’ Den, The Vile Lair, Mehrunes’ Razor, and Horse Armor. These add-ons are not compatible with the disc version of the game, so you will need to use the Steam version to access them.
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RagePoweredGamer Apr 11, 2014 @ 5:08pm 
It comes with one steam key for the set. I was avoiding using it so I didn't have to worry about downloads and linking things to my account. I'm kind of old fashioned in the way that I want to be able to put in a disc, and play the game, without worrying about the internet. There's no reason in keeping a full set of games if one of them doesn't work.
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