Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Doctor Octamotherfuckingonapus 2012年10月23日 13時39分
Machinae Supremacy
Check in here if the band (the one who made the soundtrack, obviously) brought you to this game! ^^
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Electric Jam Machine 2012年10月23日 14時24分 
They're how I first heard about the game, yep. Loving both versions of the soundtrack. Also, while I'm keeping the switching music, it's nice that the developers have provided the option to have one or the other.
Immanio 2012年10月23日 15時17分 
Yeah, I first heard about the Kickstarter on the MaSu forums. Had no choice but to back it. Mind you, their Giana Sisters track was how I first heard about MaSu back in the days, so I guess it comes full circle.
soupandcats 2012年10月23日 16時19分 
yeah ive been thinkin about just playin with the metal soundtrack :D
Gordholm 2012年10月23日 16時33分 
Didn't know there was a band :) but i love the sounds and music in this game, some effects reminds me for old times on my c64 with so-phisticated III , Sperical, Giana Sisters and some other Games wich had nice sounds. Its a real nice Retrofeeling when playing, but don't sound crappy.
Same Outfit 2012年10月24日 1時27分 
game is basically worth the price for the OST alone.
Electric Jam Machine 2012年10月24日 3時11分 
Gordholm の投稿を引用:
Didn't know there was a band :)

There is a band. They've just released their 5th Studio album, Rise of a Digital Nation, and have previously done the soundtrack for Rake in Games 'Jets 'n' Guns' and 'Jets 'n' Guns Gold'. On their website they've got 4 albums worth of music available to download for free.
Twisted Chi 2012年10月24日 13時10分 
They are not the only reason i bought the game. I love MaSu since their early web releases and that this soundtrack is a jointventure between them and the best C64/AMIGA composer hülsbeck made the deal for me (not to mention that i loved the old Giana Sisters on the C64)
Cytotoxin 2012年10月28日 12時37分 
Certainly the biggest reason I backed it. The artwork was second, but... that soundtrack. It's practically all I've listened to in the past week or so.

Need to check out Machinae Supremacy proper.
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Mana-Sama (Simple games only!!) 2012年11月22日 1時04分 
zasha_m 2012年11月24日 7時28分 
\,,/_(> <)_\,,/
Southpaw! Σ:3 2012年11月25日 11時30分 
The soundtrack actually brought me to the band. Pretty cool sound.
Doctor Octamotherfuckingonapus 2012年11月26日 14時41分 
@Video Games: They said the platformer has a twist. :D

Also, guys, Jets 'n Guns is up on Steam Greenlight! ^^
[42] Naity - #lours 2012年11月27日 15時28分 
Indirectly yes. My manager is a big fan, and he informed me of it as soon as the kickstarter for the game has been started.
Already a demon 2012年11月28日 11時57分 
The other way around. Bought the game, loved the soundtrack, found the band.
KittehSupremacy! 2012年12月23日 7時01分 
xandersulmita | dubstepyoloswag の投稿を引用:
Check in here if the band (the one who made the soundtrack, obviously) brought you to this game! ^^

YES YES YES YES YES YES! I love them! I run their UK Street Team :D SO i needed the game
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