Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Kinhoshi 2012年10月22日下午7:27
Alternate costumes question.
Are the alternate costumes only available on the version you download directly from them? I'm not seeing any ways of entering the key I got for it on the Steam version.
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AskaLangly 2012年10月22日下午7:48 
I dunno, 2bh.
ch4os 2012年10月22日下午8:01 
Seems like that, yup. I installed the game from the setup file (not Steam) and there was a button to enter the key. After that I got a new tab for the alternative costumes (see ). But I still prefer the Steam version.
最后由 ch4os 编辑于; 2012年10月22日下午8:01
Kinhoshi 2012年10月22日下午8:04 
Darn. :( Well, thanks for the reply, ch4os. Maybe they'll include it in the future? or at least add the costumes as dlc and letting us use the keys we got to get said dlc. I don't want to install the game twice.
Kinhoshi 2012年10月22日下午8:35 
No where does it say on kickstarter that the costumes were only for the DRM free versions. :/ It's not a huge deal, but would've been nice to have known. If what that guy said in that thread is correct, anyways.
winterpast 2012年10月23日上午2:17 
Steam version misses out on features?

Not getting my money.
最后由 winterpast 编辑于; 2012年10月23日上午2:33
DariusOne 2012年10月23日上午2:31 
引用自 Emcitement
Steam version misses out on features?

Not getting my money.

Features only available if you backed the game, so it´s too late for you already.
winterpast 2012年10月23日上午2:33 
引用自 Cassrius
Features only available if you backed the game, so it´s too late for you already.
Oh okay. thanks for clearing that up.

Still not a fan of the idea of getting less content for choosing to buy it rather than the other way.

oh well. guess I'll buy it anyway. after playing for a couple minutes it seems to be too awesome to not.
最后由 winterpast 编辑于; 2012年10月23日上午4:43
Kinhoshi 2012年10月23日上午8:03 
Yeah, it was confirmed the costumes are only available with the DRM-free version you get directly from them. I wish they would've explained that a little better on Kickstarter or at least mentioned it before I installed the steam version. ( source: )
最后由 Kinhoshi 编辑于; 2012年10月23日上午8:03
Zino 2012年10月23日上午10:10 
Sounds fixable. I'll be quiet about it for a few weeks so they get some rest, and then get cranky if it isn't fixed. :-P
Tazi 2012年10月23日上午11:15 
It's not that you choosed the wrong way to buy it, Kickstarter happened months before they took preorders for the game. The backers made it possible for the dev team to gain enough money, and be able to pay the expenses of finishing Twisted Dreams. So it was more like funding and not buying.
Btw, many of the backers payed more than the current steam price (from $25 to $1000), because they wanted this project to happen that much. Oh, and a few days before Kickstarter deadline, it looked like Twisted Dreams will fail the campaing, because there were still not enough money donated.
Now I understand, your problem, I also hate when they add console exclusive content, or when they sell you premade dlc for unreasonable prices, but I think it's far from being the same thing.
winterpast 2012年10月23日下午1:18 
Doesn't matter where the content comes from.
The point is that the game has content that non-kickstarter backers do not have access to unless they pirate the game.

If anything, buying the game should give you more content.. not less.
Tazi 2012年10月23日下午2:06 
Then I can't add anymore to this, because I think it matters.
winterpast 2012年10月23日下午3:07 
if you think it's fair to get more content for stealing a game than legitimiately buying it, then ok.
Gordholm 2012年10月23日下午3:38 
Ou wehhh it's such a mess you don't get a different skin for the sisters cause you didn't backed them up at kickstarter, don't you think it's just a cosmetic detail ? I mean c'mon it is not a missing level or something wich is real content for everyone, just a silly little skin wich no one really need but for those who believed in the project and payed bevore there was even a release date its a small thank you from the developers. So go an download your rubbish piracy copy to get the costume you don't really need and betray the developers for the nice work they have done cause your just a big egoman. cya
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