The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

yung dad 20 OCT 2012 a las 11:49
Better Bodies
I have installed better bodies and when I pull up data files from the game menu I do not see it
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Wowie 20 OCT 2012 a las 12:11 
Find the readme and READ IT. Odds are what happened is that the autoinstaller didn't work properly so you have to move the files to their proper locations yourself.

Also, since it looks like you've just installed Morrowind, (judging by your total play time) may I suggest you try the Morrowind Graphics & Sound Overhaul? (link)[]

Have fun. :)
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yung dad 20 OCT 2012 a las 12:41 
Thank you again and I'll try it but my pc isn't the best
Pickledineen 21 OCT 2012 a las 21:13 
Make sure the file is in the Data Files folder. If it isn't, it won't show up.
yung dad 22 OCT 2012 a las 13:42 
The esp file?
Wowie 22 OCT 2012 a las 14:51 
.esp files, or elder scrolls plugin files, are mods, in their most simple form. When the game launches it will load the .esm (elder scrolls master) files, then load the .esp files, which overwrite parts of the .esm files, along with adding their own content, like, for example, a magic ring that has an enchantment that does 9001 damage to the target with shock damage on touch. Mods that add custom content, like new textures, models, etc. (like better bodies) will also include a .bsa (bethesda softworks archive) file, and/or a bunch of loose files, that will also be placed in the data files directory. There are mods that do things that ESPs and ESMs are incapable of, and they work in a completely different fasion, usually by directly modifying or interacting with the main .exe (executable) file, like morrowind code patch, for example.
This link may be useful if you plan on adding lots of mods to your game, or want to familiarize yourself with some of the more technical aspects of modding. 90% of mods will be .esp files that you can simply drag and drop into your data files folder in order to "install" the mod.

Also, 75% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Short version: yes, the esp file.
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yung dad 22 OCT 2012 a las 15:14 
Thanks your like the Etho of Morrowind modding
Wowie 22 OCT 2012 a las 15:45 
I'm just an idiot who has way too much time on his hands,
and way too little IRL contact with others, lol. :)
Don't thank me, I don't deserve it.

I post on this particular discussion forum WAAAAY too much.
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Candesco 9 NOV 2012 a las 18:24 
Just run the installer, select the proper map where your game is installed (the installer will automatically detect it. if not, do it yourself) select which flavour you want to get (naked one is recommend) and there it goes. It is one single esp file.I don't know which version you have, but the one you want to have is 2.2. That is the very last version. Also be sure to have the installer from psychodogstudios. I have the installer still on my harddrive myself and plucked it from their website when it was still in the air.
I would also recommend to grab the high resolution better body female textures from Westly and Cappucine and if you start to use mods, then better have Wrye Mash also
A must have are Morrowind Code Patch and Morrowind Patch Project, as those fixes things that bethesda has left behind. The MCP makes the savegame system more stable.
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