dobiegirl1 Jan 8, 2013 @ 3:46am
Probably the most asked question on this forum,Morrowind crashes!!!!
Hello folks.I will tell you now that Morrowind was "NOT" meant for these Steam or Windows programs out there now.It was origonally released for Windows XP back in 2002.So then,Mirosoft developed Windows 7. I and alot of modders for Morrowind had problems with it at first,but then we overcame most of the issues.Then they released Windows Vista 2-3 yrs. later.That Windows program "REALLY" caused probs.Now we have Windows 8 and somewhere in between that Steam ads Morrowind to thier roster and then suddenly the retail disk versions of the game are really obsolete.The reason why you have probs. with the disk versions is that they are not formated to Steam,because when you 1st run your disk it connects you to Steam.So disk versions are mostly useless.This forces you to buy from them(Steam).Not that it is a bad thing it's just things have change that much in programming for the PC's and the internet folks.When I think about it, just with this in question,alot has changed in 11 yrs.Just in the gaming community never mind other things I have no knowledge of (LoL).I have 2-3 copies of Morrowind on disk and they just collect dust now,because everything is so downloadable nowadays.If you still have probs. getting Morrowind to run, check your Windows and PC's settings,also log out of Steam,then log back in every once in awhile to check for up dates.I think you can set Steam to update automatically.Also becuase of this we will probably never see any mods for Morrowind on Steam,for the TES3 construction set is just as in question as Morrowind itself on the currently running programs,(Although we can hope). I hope this answers what seems to be the most ask question on this forum.
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sjamesashton Jan 9, 2013 @ 7:40pm 
Yes, it's old. No, it's not dead. I'm (still) playing, and currently running it on Win7. And FYI, even if Steam doesn't link to them, the modding community is still active and turning out stuff for this great game, including graphics enhancements. In fact, there's currently work underway to convert Morrowind to run on the Skyrim engine (called Skywind) and it looks beautiful, but it's only for looks at the moment. You can run around, but no quests and minimal interactions with NPC's (killing some critters).
tipszics Jan 10, 2013 @ 3:21pm 
A team is working on making a new engine from scratch to Morrowind. They have been working on it for years now. OpenMW []
dobiegirl1 Jan 17, 2013 @ 10:27pm 
Very good news.I was not aware of that.It did not seem like Morrowind was that important to others as it is for some of us.
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