Fideous 2012年10月24日下午4:23
Any good?
I played the first one, but I wasn't too impressed and it was incredibly easy. This one has steam achievements and looks like it's higher quality. The 7th Wonders has traditionally gotten average reviews. Opinions?
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m312009 2012年10月26日上午9:53 
The game is very good. Nice graphics, the animation is smooth and pleasant, there are four levels of difficulty and the ACHIEVEMENTS!
Tanegashima 2012年10月26日下午12:27 
This game is a pleasant change from all the first person shooters, a game you can chill out to. I've played all of the series and I thought the first one was the hardest, however as said in the above post there are four difficulty levels to suit your playing style. I recommend it.
Fideous 2012年10月26日下午5:02 
Thank you for your great opinions, its on my want list!
Mivo 2012年10月27日下午10:56 
It's a nice little game. Basically "more of the same", but well done, with different difficulty levels, and Steam achievements. Runs smoothly and looks pretty, too. One of those games you play for chilling and letting your thoughts dangle.
Mad Ant 2012年11月2日上午4:56 
I bought it for my girl yesterday and she already has 6 hours on it. Need I say more? ;)
BenWah 2013年3月16日下午9:10 
I played this tons of hours today, think it can keep you entertained for many.

If you like bejeweled, get this.
Fun minigames, cute artistry and I like the aliens-built-wonders idea very funny...
最后由 BenWah 编辑于; 2013年3月17日上午2:41
Dj_Twista93 2013年5月20日上午6:50 
very good.
BadJackDaniels 2013年5月29日下午10:12 
Yah!!! This Puzzle Game is Great !!!
memesarfatie59 2014年5月8日上午1:54 
le jeu est tres tres bon ;)
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