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OttoNL Nov 5, 2013 @ 7:24am
Is still a bit... Iffy

When I approach a zombie from North or South I get stuck on them while there´s still a liiittle bit if distance between me and the zombie. So I can´t melee attack them but other zombies creap up on my so they can easily kill me while the zombie I´m stuck on just stays there cause that one can´t get closer to me.

Also the range of (some?) zombies is quite large. Sometimes I obviously don't come in contact with a zombie but I lose health. Makes it really hard to go through crowds of zombies if you can't see where you're safe and where you're not.

So maybe... you guys can fix those things before you go on and make part II?

(By the way, the second chapter of the game is doable untill you get halfway through there... Then the way back is 20 times harder then anything before that and some zombies need more then 20 hits... is that correct? Havn't gotten through there on Easy yet. Maybe they only take fire damage or something?)
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OttoNL Nov 17, 2013 @ 9:04am 
Almost 2 weeks later, movement still unacceptable, game still unplayable when there are more then 15 zombies in your screen, still nothing heard from devs. Sad
I had over 20 Zombies on the screen and i run only. I dont shoot alot... The game is absolutely fair i dont know what you mean. And with the wall stucking thats normal why you are doing this? :x Learn how to play this game and stop the stupid whine.
There are some harder Zombies. At the end Street in easy mode there is a burning zombie he needs alot of ammo. So buy alot of ammo and dont use it for the weak zombies. The aim in easy mode is run run run and steal everything you can get in the houses and sell it to a trader. You need only a shotgun and 120 ammo maybe a lil bit more. The Speed upgrade is really important and the weapon upgrade. But the most important is the health upgrade. Thats it like i say learn at first the game and dont cry after 2 or 3 hours playing it dont work... Have fun and enjoy this great game
OttoNL Nov 19, 2013 @ 9:56am 
If I hit a zombie from North or South I get stuck.
You're the first in this topic to type 'wall'

Stop being a♥♥♥♥♥♥and read

And yeah I got that the speed is very important, got some enemies that get to you within a second and with just 1 or 2 upgrades you stand no chance.

I just expect a game I pay for to work. Excuse me
Whatever i dont have the time for a whine like this. The game works fine and in the most cases is the user infront of the monitor the real problem. Whatever...

Ah and you have a keyboard for moving and a mouse for shooting.... I dont know waht you mean the game works perfect. I have a sempron and 1gb ddr1 ram... I dont know what you ae doing but i believe you are the problem.... Whatever
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CantStrafeRight  [developer] Nov 19, 2013 @ 10:52am 
Hey dev here. Sorry I never got back to you. I'm a one man team and things have been farly busy just now, and your post unfortunetly slipped through the cracks.

While I hate to say this as it sounds rude. I think you are playing Dead Pixels wrong and that is why you are having issues.

Dead Pixels is inspired by brawlers. So all your attacks are to the left and right which is why you are having problems attacking from the "north" and "south". Because you are going to the north and south of the enemies you are exposing a flaw in the collision detection not many other people see.

When it coems to runing through zombies I would not do that. Instead try to lure them to the bottom of the screen and then run round them, rather than through them.

All biting (non spitting) zombies have the same range.

I hope this helps. I know it's not probably what you wanted to hear, but hopefuly these tips will help. I may look into the flaw in the collision detection, but it may turn out to be too much work for a game that is now over 2 years old. I need to move on at some point.

OttoNL Nov 19, 2013 @ 12:51pm 
No one´s forcing you to read this topic, valetudoent. It´s a valid bug report and if you don´t like me finding it just get out

And thanks for getting back at me, CSR. I´ve had some games in the past where devs didn´t respond to bug reports and I was afraid this was another one of those games. But thanks for getting back to me and for the tips. And I understand that if it´s an unreasonable amount of work you won´t fix it, I´ll try some different tactics
For me it dont sound like a bug. But maybe my english is to bad to understand your problem. Sry for my rude person but thats my high temper. ^^ Have a nice day and good luck. Run Run Run ^^ And if you remember Resident Evil 1 or 2 then use the RE tactic. More running then gunning.
OttoNL Nov 22, 2013 @ 8:17am 
Ah no problem, I'll check those games out never played them.
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