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Gaz Blackheart Jan 8 @ 1:18am
mask zombie?
cant kill this regening masked zombie i shoot it and it does no damage...
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Gaz Blackheart Jan 8 @ 1:49am 
well i found out that he only can be hurt by fire but the shop in the area doesnt sell any and its "too dangerous to go back" so i cant beat this run thank for that devs...
CantStrafeRight  [developer] Jan 8 @ 4:24am 
Dev here

He's not regnerating, he's dying.

When you're close he loses health, you just need to stay close to him (but not too close) and wait him out.

Gaz Blackheart Jan 8 @ 10:12pm 
thank you there is like NO info online that i could find on the bosses and how to beat them its very stressful to make it to the end and find out you cant beat the game until you kill this thing.
EvoW Jan 12 @ 2:49am 
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