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10 Feb 10 @ 3:40am
Achievements disabled? Please Read
I recently got the urge to replay dead pixels for all the achievements. However, I started getting a launch error about a week ago, since then I have been unable to unlock any achievements. Furthermore, I saw today that the "achievements" has been removed from the list on the right hand side in the store page. Would greatly appreciate it if I can get some feedback as to wether or not they are getting removed/updated/unlockable in the near future. Thanks for reading.
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CantStrafeRight  [developer] Feb 10 @ 3:15pm 
Hey dev here

If you are running the game outside of steam, it will not connect to the steam servers and will not unlock achivements.

Achivments have not been removed from the game, it just seems that the store page no longer lists them. All games do this now.
10 Feb 10 @ 4:03pm 
Thanks for the speedy reply. Could I get confirmation that achievements still work if I use the "-disablecontrolers" fix for the game? Thanks in advance.

CantStrafeRight  [developer] Feb 10 @ 6:09pm 
Yeah they will still work if you use it.

Or you could try using the steam beta client as it has the fix for this bug.
10 Feb 11 @ 9:44am 
Thanks again for your speedy reply. Happy pixel hunting~ @_@
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