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Insurgency Windows Dedicated Server
by Arc
Dedicated Server basics and advanced in comprehensive yet easy to read guide....
Infinite Weight Glitch
by ILikNachos
Infinite Weight Glitch!...
Insurgency: Combat Survival Guide (WIP)
by Nomad
THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND I PLAN TO ADD TO IT AND IMPROVE UPON IT IN THE FUTURE. EVERYTHING IN THIS GUIDE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. As a player who is relatively new to Insurgency, I am creating this guide to help other players learn what Insurg...
How to play Counter-Strike
by Happystack
A complete guide to making friends and killing people in Counter-Strike Jihad edition. (Pictures included)...
How to fix alt-tab issues
by RichusX
This guide is about how to fix alt-tabbing in Insurgency and other Source Engine games...
How To Play Call Of Dutyy
by harbl
how to play call of dutu ad be vrey god at them game!!!!!!!! i hav no afliataion wit the cuonter stikr how play one that wuz maed yestardey (evn tho is very good!!! chek it out!!!
How to Make Custom Weapon skins, Optics, and Night Sights
by [U]g.BurntCornFlakes
This guide will show you how to edit weapon models, optics, and night sights....
How to start Insurgency
by Frank Reynolds
The grooviest, easy peasy lemon squeasy guide to start your own Insurgency adventure! ...
C-Scanning: Basics and Ethics of a broken feature
by Nail-
Have you ever dreamed of seeing through walls, smoke screens or the darkness of the night? Have you ever wondered how your virtual life would be if you had superhuman eyesight? Do you think the NightVision Googles are a waste of supply? If you answered YE...
Insurgency/Source Admin Commands
by xTcR | SherlockHomeless [MSG]
List of Source commands....