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JBlum  [developer] Dec 19, 2013 @ 9:47am
Update December 19, 2013
Happy holidays! Check out the changelist below:

New and Updated Content
  • New Map: Peak (supports Skirmish, Push, Strike, SND, VIP)
  • New Weapon: AT-4
  • Updated Maps: Siege, District (now with Push support), Ministry and Heights.
  • Added new “focus” feature allowing the player to focus for a brief moment by aiming down the sights while still and holding shift (sprint).
  • Added radio cues for “Objective Captured” and “Objective Lost” instead of the current musical cues that are used for these events.
  • Added new music tracks for winning, losing and round-start (if you do not hear any of the new sounds, try snd_rebuildaudiocache) in the console.
  • New reticles for Sniper, 4x, Kobra and Eotech sights.
  • Re-implemented shell ejection.
  • New main menu background and NWI loading image.

Gameplay Improvements
  • Greatly reduced the distance of enemy 3D VOIP so that players can more comfortably communicate with their teammates without feeling as though they are giving away their position (server-side convars “mp_voice_max_distance_enemy” and “mp_voice_max_distance_friendly”).
  • Whether the talker is facing the listener and whether the listener is facing the talker now has a notable impact on the volume of the 3D VOIP, making it feel more spatial (server-side convars “mp_voice_indirect_talker_volume” and “mp_voice_indirect_listener_volume”).
  • If a wall or object is between the talker and the listener, 3D VOIP will be affected – it will be greatly reduced if the talker is your teammate, and it will be inaudible if it is an enemy (server-side convars “mp_voice_blocked_lineofsight_friendly_volume” and “mp_voice_blocked_lineofsight_enemy_volume”).
  • The VOIP volume of squadmates now scales based on how far away you are from your squadmate, so that even though you can always hear your squadmates their volume is an indication of whether they are close to you or not (scales between server-side convars “mp_voice_min_squad_volume” and “mp_voice_max_friendly_volume”).
  • Reduced exploiting when prone by lowering the POV height of prone players so that the camera better matches the player in third person.
  • Updated misc. particle FX.
  • Removed sound cue when a cache gets destroyed, so you can hear the actual explosion.
  • Implemented basic sprint deceleration.
  • Adjusted suppression so that players are a little less resistant to it.
  • “Down” animation (first person) is no longer used when going in and out of prone or jumping. Instead, the weapon is lowered on the screen still pointing forward. Makes transitioning into and out of prone as well as jumping feel more natural.
  • Adjusted stance transition speeds so that you can go prone a little faster but coming out of prone is a bit slower.
  • Adjusted the jump timer.
  • You can no longer baseball slide up stairs or hills.
  • Aiming down sights will attempt to bipod.
  • Pressing space while prone bipodded will get you out of prone.
  • Implemented grace timer for being able to slide after releasing the sprint key.
  • Made it so you can move when priming a grenade while prone.
  • Secondary weapons no longer drop on death.
  • You can now cancel C4 throws by switching weapons.

Fixes and Optimization
  • Fixed a crash when players would touch weapon cache buy zones in certain maps (e.g. District Skirmish).
  • Fixed third person flashlight not rendering as well as the first person effect having the wrong origin when aiming down sights.
  • Fixed weapon cache collision models (you can no longer walk or throw things “through” caches).
  • Fixed view model jitter when you have a high ping.
  • Further optimized the 3d scope rendering.
  • Re-enabled Level of Detail support in the engine allowing meshes to scale in detail and improving performance.
  • Singly reloaded weapons like the shotguns can have their reloads cancelled by pressing any of the mouse buttons. It also plays the reload finish animation when this occurs, even when starting a sprint.
  • Walk toggle no longer has prediction errors.
  • Viewmodel wall interactions disabled when bipoded.
  • Fixed grenades disappearing when you pick them up off the ground.
  • Reduced the flashlight sound spam a little.

That's all for now. See you on the servers and report any issues you come across so we can resolve! Thanks!
Insurgency > Announcements > Topic Details
Date Posted: Dec 19, 2013 @ 9:47am
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