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Doggy Jul 11 @ 8:58am
Insurgency cant startet/install after patch!
Ok,its the second thread,but after i downloaded again insurgeny it doesnt startet. I read only " missed file".
And Its N O T my virus protection or firewall.. I played insuregency for some weeks ago,but have it deinstalled. Now i have it installed again,but when steam finished the download and i want to start Ins. i read only "missed file"
And yes,its very easy to say its my fault,the system or virus protectior/firewall,but the mistake is only insurgency. I played ir for some weeks without problems,then a new patch comes and its broken.
And Ins. have a big soundbug too that he overwrite the systemloudness for the microphone to 100 % and its not fixed,bug exists very long. So you must fix it yourself to write something in the confug-file....very very poor,the clients must fixed the games because the devs cant fix their games.

But now,i cant start insurgency, I PAY FOR IT AND WILL PLAY IT ! But typical to say its my fault and not the game.

Perhaps try it yourself,deinstall and install it again and you will see!!!
Date Posted: Jul 11 @ 8:58am
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