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King-Salomon Jul 13 @ 5:39am
[H] 5/6: Mirages, AllOutWar,CalmBeofreStorm, EastGermanArmy, Harrier [W] 1:1 or 1:2 cards
Have 5 of 6 cards for trade: Mirages, All Out War, Calm Before Storm, Harrier, East German Army, - only There Will Be No White Flag, is/are M.I.A.

I trade 1:1 for cards from sets I am REALLY interested in (but not all sets in my inv count as this)
I trade 1:2 for cards from other sets and most random cards! (1:3 if the cards are very cheap)

Same goes with ~3000 cards in my Inv from sets I am not interested in! Feel free to take a look!

Give it a try - worst case, i decline your offer or send you a counter offfer