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Ghiduri populare pe Steam Ghiduri, referințe și îndrumări scrise
Deck Marine France
de către Banzinou
Deck un peu spécial aujourd'hui car il s'agit du deck Marine qui comprend l'aéronavale, l'infanterie de Marines ainsi que les blindés légers. ...
How to make certain your logistical vehicles automatically return to the front after rearming at FOBs
de către Richardguy
A brief guide that will help you multi-task and reduce time that your logistical vehicles sit idle at the FOB....
I play Canada (and so can you!)
de către Richardguy
Some say that Canada is the worst nation in the game. Others say they're too kind to fight the Cold War. Read on to see why they're wrong....
Инструкция к дивизионному мультиплееру ВС СССР
de către BTR
В этой инструкции мы рассмотрим коммандную игру с историческими колодами СССР....
[ITA] Guida per i Primi Passi
de către Rino7617
Informazioni e consigili utili per chi si avvicina per la prima volta alla serie Wargame. Unisciti al gruppo ufficiale della community italiana su Wargame Airland Battle:
Beginners guide to authentic USSR decks
de către BTR
In this guide I will try to examine most commonly used force compisitions historically used by the USSR. I hope this makes USSR side more diverse and interesting for both friends and foes alike....
Airland Battle Terminology
de către Conditional Love
Explanation of terms used in Wargame:Airland Battle...
Вводная инструкция к историческим колодам СССР
de către BTR
В этой инструкции мы рассмотрим как правильно адаптировать структуру и технику ВС СССР к колодной системе Варгейма....
176-page Comprehensive Guide to All Things Wargame: ALB
de către SandyGunfox
I wanted to do something a little different with thise guide. I wanted to create a guide that taught a new player all they need to know to dive right in - a one-stop shop to teach all the basics, mindset, and units of the game instead of having to read a ...
List of Maps - Updated with DLC2 Maps
de către Rino7617
This is a list of Wargame's maps, as sometimes is hard to remember which map you're going to play. So here's a list with an overview of the map, sorted by player count....