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[ITA] Guida per i Primi Passi
por Rino7617
Informazioni e consigili utili per chi si avvicina per la prima volta alla serie Wargame. Unisciti al gruppo ufficiale della community italiana su Wargame Airland Battle:
Aircraft for Courting Disasters
por playdiuM*
**Picture heavy** Fixed wing aircraft and how to be awesome with them: playdiuM and Conditional love covering subjects from our own personal experiences in the game (since BETA testing). enjoy!...
Tips & Tactics for Airland Battle v2015
por Conditional Love
A general guide on winning tactics for Wargame:Airland Battle. Now updating for 2015...
How to make sure units spawn from specific zones
por Jatoba Bokken
This is a quick guide to show how you can place units on the map but make sure they arrive from a specfic zone and not just the closest one....
176-page Comprehensive Guide to All Things Wargame: ALB
por SandyGunfox
I wanted to do something a little different with thise guide. I wanted to create a guide that taught a new player all they need to know to dive right in - a one-stop shop to teach all the basics, mindset, and units of the game instead of having to read a ...
List of Maps - Updated with DLC2 Maps
por Rino7617
This is a list of Wargame's maps, as sometimes is hard to remember which map you're going to play. So here's a list with an overview of the map, sorted by player count....
NATO Unit Icons: A Quick Guide
por elduirsanc
This simple guide is intended as a practical reminder for both novice and advanced players....
Wargame : Red Dragon Units and News !
por Banzinou
Hi guys ! As you know, a new wargame will come in March 2014, and new units have appeared. I know that we are on the guides WAB but it might be interesting to share it. The guide will evolve progressively. Sorry for my english to :( For more...
Вводная инструкция к историческим колодам СССР
por BTR
В этой инструкции мы рассмотрим как правильно адаптировать структуру и технику ВС СССР к колодной системе Варгейма....
Airland Battle Terminology
por Conditional Love
Explanation of terms used in Wargame:Airland Battle...