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How to use Infantry (English)
by Vodkasekoitus
A guide on basic rules on how to use infantry effectively as well as what different types of infantry are defined as and how they are to be used successfully and accordingly to their role. DISCLAIMER: This is only a translation, the original creator of t...
Canadian challenge!
by StrategicWarfighter01
Ever wanted to get really sick whilst playing Wargame? Don't worry i got your covered....
Iluv's Guide to Artillery
by iluvponies35
A nice little guide containing basic information along with some tips and tricks for using artillery. Disclaimer: Does not contain pictures as I have not figured out how to take them yet :(...
Wargame, AirLand Battle: The Destruction of the United States Military
by TheFlyingScotsman01
Hello. I am TheFlyingScotsman01, and today I will be sharing with you one of my saddest defeats in Wargame: AirLand Battle. I was playing a skirmish against a very hard Soviet AI as the Americans. The way to the enemy position was a straight road, so I ma...
I play Canada (and so can you!)
by Richardguy
Some say that Canada is the worst nation in the game. Others say they're too kind to fight the Cold War. Read on to see why they're wrong....
Battle plans: Attacking a city
by Coffee_Zombie
This guide for attacking an opfor's established city. This guide does not focus on the inital bite and hold but many of the lessons can be transferred over....
Pact, Radar AntiAir and BeamRoks
by jharyl
Ever played pact in PvP? Annoyed by those Ravens taking out your Anti AIr? This is your way.......
PACT : HELO rush guide.
by thorsthunder
This is a guide to my deck, and tactics, for a Pact HELO rush....
How to win every single town fight without fail
by QuakeRiley
The way to 100% win every single town fight without fail in the current meta, even then it worked outside of the meta....
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