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Join AirLand Battle's official forum ...
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eagle-BRO 2013年9月26日下午5:49 
Billie 2013年11月20日上午11:17 
Recently purchased A/L Battle from Steam and am encountering continuing issue after entering CD key. An alert appears requesting a valid profile.

I already have a profile and have had subject profile for several years. What might I be doing wrong that is preventing A/L Battle from activating? Thanks in advance.
Gekko 2013年11月21日上午6:06 
Tried creating an account, Gekko and put in my email. Might for some weird reason have spellt it wrong, so I haven't been able to activate it, says i need to contact forum administrators about this on the website. But for the life of me I can't figure out how if I don't have the account in the first place...

Gekko 2013年11月27日上午3:40 
Still now sure how to reach out to you, cheers m8
ŊЏ | Shifu 2013年11月27日下午2:13 
Hello, I'm moderator on the official forum, maybe I can help you - what's your username?
Gekko 2013年11月28日上午2:37 
Gekko, tried following the instructions on the forum's but can't raise the issue if I can't log in :) I can send you the email I used for it to activation purposes on PM. Rather not post it on an official forum.
Is there anyway you can activate it with out an email sent? for some reason I never get em.

Freki_FOCUS 2013年11月28日上午3:14 
Hey Gekko!

I've activated your account. Could you confirm me that you can now join the forum?!
Gekko 2013年11月28日上午3:41 
It's activated but for some reason the password is not working, tried two different email's but Wargame's official channel simply refuses to talk to my email boxes... sorry for being the trouble child... any work around?
Freki_FOCUS 2013年11月28日上午5:56 
Accept my friend request :)
Gekko 2013年11月28日上午6:09 
Done, let me know when you have time :) currently at work but looking to get out of here as soon as my manager goes to lunch
Gekko 2013年11月28日上午9:24 
Brillent thanks!
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