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CoyoteNight Aug 3, 2013 @ 10:44pm
AP and HE vs low/no armour and high armour.
How does HE damage translate to units with an armour value? Like, if I'm hitting with HE rounds against a low armour transport? Or if HE AA is hitting my Thunderbolt? Can HE hurt anything with an armour value, or does one need a high HE weapon hitting armour to hurt it? Does anyone know the ratio?

Likewise, can an AP attack hurt units with no armour value?

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Sero.ps Apr 9, 2014 @ 7:39am 
I'm going to necro this because I'm struggling to find an answer to the first part myself.
I understand that where possible I should use AP vs armoured units (armour value of 2+ right?), but say I call in an airstrike from a plane who's bombs have a HE value of 17? Would this simply do no damage at all, even if they are only lightly armoured (to pick a number, say armour 4)?

The answer to the second part is that AP damage actually does 4 times damage against unarmoured targets: "If a missile with 10 AP hits 8 armor, it deals 2 damage. But if the target has armor 1 or 0, the damage is multiplied by 4."

But all this just suggests that AP damage is simply far far better, the range of values for the 2 types of damage always seem similar, but the only targets HE can affect ("High-explosive ammo has a little impact on armor, but they can affect an area of unarmored targets.") take quad damage from AP.

If someone has a better understanding of all this, please chime in, because I'm struggling to understand why I would ever go for a unit that does HE damage over a comparable unit that does AP, even if that unit does as little as a quarter of the damage.

Source of above quotes: http://guides.gamepressure.com/wargameairland/guide.asp?ID=22586

EDIT: And I have noticed one additional thing, some weapons might have both an AP and a HE value, sometimes even the AP value might be higher. If all is as I understand it, and have explained above... why? The AP value would do more damage if you go by that. In this instance, is the HE value a limiting factor on unarmoured targets? Does this mean that by having both values the weapon is probably less good than those with only an AP value?
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compassghost Apr 9, 2014 @ 8:08am 
For AP: damage = (attack value - armor value)/2 + 1

I believe HE against armor is 1/4 of its default value for calculations, but I don't remember fully. I also believe HE does bonus damage against unarmored targets, and will kill crew inside, but it's been a while since I've done the math.

Additionally, AP is penalized by range, whereas HE is not, so if a weapon has AP, it could ostensibly do only 1 damage at max range because the armor is so high, while an HE would keep its effectiveness, and, against a lightly armored target, decimate it.
Grey Buddhist Apr 9, 2014 @ 10:22am 
From what I've seen, and experienced, ingame (and know from real life) HE (High Explosive) is great vs infantry and unarmored units, but really does not work well vs armored vehicles (enemy just closes hatches and nothing really gets in to hurt them)....whereas AP (Armor Piercing) tears tanks up (in most cases). You have to pay attention to the AP number...higher means better damage). Just like real life you have some AP rounds that are VERY effective vs heavy armor (T80 and M1A1 types), and some AP that is only effective against lightly armored units (BMP and M113 types).
Basically it is a good idea to try and choose anti armor units with higher AP numbers specifically to counter enemy heavy armor, high explosive units with higher HE numbers to tear up non-armored units.
Hope that helps.
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