Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Hob_Gadling Jun 13, 2013 @ 10:24am
The Bergen strategy
This is one possible strategy for NATO in the second campaign, Fortress Oslo. If you keep getting bogged down into low-initiative fights give this a try.

Turn 0:

Land 3rd Commando in Bergen. Take Copenhagen with 1st Infantry Brigade.

Turn 1:

Land 4th MAB into Goteborg.

Somewhere around here you may get an event where you can choose to send 101st Airborne to South Korea. If you do, send them and take the PP.

If you are attacked in Copenhagen charge immediately into the opponents ranks. He only has one deployment zone so you know with certainty where he starts. Either kill his CVs or wipe enough of his troops out, but force a retreat at any cost. If you're going for the points taking some houses in the city center may help out. Winning this battle decisively is important!

If you think you can't win in Copenhagen capture a corner from the enemy reinforcement zone and send a CV there. The next battle, he will start in a hopeless position. Locate and kill his CVs.

Turn 2:

From here on the game starts to vary out a lot. Your ultimate aims are to kill the four battlegroups that started in Oslo, Stavanger, Aarhus and Malmo respectively. Taking Oslo and holding Copenhagen seals the victory. 1st Infantry locks down Denmark by holding Malmo while other troops attack via Aarhus-Stavanger-Oslo-route. You'll have two battlegroups attacking any sector along that route for every battle up until Oslo.

The optimal situation is a defensive victory in Copenhagen routing enemy BG to Malmo while other BG pulls back from Aarhus to Stavanger. Call in 18. Panzerbrigade to Kiel and take Aarhus. Attack Malmo with 1st Infantry. Your position after the turn is almost unassailably strong. You have completely locked Denmark down, you hold most of the income on the map and stand to take Oslo within two more turns in a combined 3 battlegroup assault from two directions. Not bad for one defensive battle.

Use air recon to locate enemy battlegroups with morale 4 or less. Hit them with naval strikes. Follow up with an attack on the same turn if enemy morale fell to 1. If you win the ensuing fight the enemy group dissolves. Since you only have to reach 500 VP, it should be easy.

If you won the defense in Copenhagen and forced a retreat, the enemy group is likely to either die immediately (if it held no reinforcement zones) or rout. If it routs, follow up with 1st infantry. Routed battlegroups do not fight and dissolve immediately if attacked.

You can opt to call in either another battlegroup or keep battering enemy groups with whatever you have on the field. Keep in mind that while battlegroups are nice, naval strikes are what wins the game. If you have to choose between naval strike dropping an enemy group to morale 1 or calling in more troops it's always better to strike.

Note that the campaign does not allow you to play in "your style", whatever it may be. You need to read the situation on both strategic and tactical map, make the correct conclusions and fight accordingly. Losing 1500 points worth of stuff to enemy 500 is acceptable if that takes the sector and wipes out the enemy battlegroup.

This is one way of fighting Fortress Oslo. There are other ways. Have fun discovering them!
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Variable Apr 23, 2014 @ 5:23am 
Thanks, I'm going to try that. This campaign has been making me feel like an idiot and this is unacceptable! :)
lihuangtianyu Jun 18, 2014 @ 6:26pm 
Personally, I'd suggest utilizing paratroopers more, so you can exploit the advantage of a surprise attack more. Land the 82nd in Stockholm right away and you catch an unprepared gds division. Meanwhile, move the 1st Infantry up to meet the east German battlegroup, rout it, and move down to Copenhagen. Use commandos on Stavanger to block enemy movements, hold the line at Copenhagen and look to either land the 40 MAB or the US armored brigade, RV with the paratroopers and take Oslo. You'd be done in 3-4 days
Hob_Gadling Jun 18, 2014 @ 6:46pm 
Paras directly into Stockholm is unlikely to work against a human opponent. Against AI, sure, but humans can be pretty clever at grinding down the supply levels before committing into an all-out assault.
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