[EUG] MadMat 21. tammi 8.49
New version (v1600)
- Fixing some rare crashes :
* crash when loading infantry into transport while asking for supply from a stunned supplier
* rare deroute crash in strategic campaign
* other barely reproducible crashes ...
- Fixing no save/replay created for Windows XP in some case.
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WolfApostle 21. tammi 9.01 
Ever since updating this patch the game fails to start...had no problems before :(
[EUG] MadMat 21. tammi 9.06 
Any error message?
[EUG] MadMat 21. tammi 9.07 
If you've got any detail on this bug, can you post a message here:

Our devs will see it there ...
WolfApostle 21. tammi 9.14 
Just failed to start game error (unknown)..

Gingestar 21. tammi 9.23 
ditto :(
Licker_cze 21. tammi 10.21 
Same here. Game won't start anymore. Steam keeps saying "Failed to Start" nothing more.
21. tammi 10.35 
Failed to Start Game
tomz71 21. tammi 10.58 
Same issue here: Failed to Start Game. Unknown error.
General Joff 21. tammi 10.58 
have tried re-installing game...no joy. (Sad Face)
TheNamelessOne 21. tammi 11.01 
error message.... please fix this soon. i love this game
21. tammi 11.09 
same here, if I want to start it directly from the folder it says that I got the wrong version of Windows and should check if this game is for 32bit or 64bit
WolfApostle 21. tammi 11.15 
same error message as kaui for me :/
TheNamelessOne 21. tammi 11.16 
it just said unknown error for me
Deathwolf 21. tammi 11.19 
forms are going crazy to with start up crashes only advise I can offer is just to sit back and relax while the developers try to fix this problem
Lusitano 21. tammi 11.23 
I was going to post this on the forum, but I have been waiting a long while for my email verification to be sent. If someone could post this there for me, I'd appreciate it. Whenever I launch the game, i get the error message 'Failed to launch game, unknown error'. When I go to the directory the Executible is located and click on it, I get this error. http://i.imgur.com/KCTsTwf.png
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