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Blitz Orange 1月15日 21時50分
Easiest Pact AI?
Hello, I am kind of a noob to this game, I thought it would be a cold war version of RUSE, obviously not. So I have played a few games against AI and I haven't the slightest clue which AI is the easiest. Post in the comments what you think is the easiest AI to fight. I will post my deck that I think is pretty good and any suggestions for decks are welcome!
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Chestus 1月16日 2時37分 
east german tank brigade or the 227 soviet tank brigade for me anyway
Blitz Orange 1月16日 8時56分 
Thanks, how do you post screenshots on here? I wanted to show off my deck but it doesnt let me post it.
Celmeo 1月16日 10時00分 
Take screenshot in steam, upload to steam profile, post link as normal text and it will appear here. Like this:

"http ://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217119095" will become

最近の変更はCelmeoが行いました; 1月16日 10時01分
Blitz Orange 1月16日 10時53分 
ok, thanks! And that 227 Tank brigade was pretty easy!
Blitz Orange 1月16日 10時54分 
My British deck :)
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