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John Doe 2014年1月11日 7時44分
-Noob Question- How do I tell if an aircraft is a SEAD aircraft?
In both, the deck and on the battlefield/unit marker.

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BlackAlpha 2014年1月11日 7時49分 
I use the default markers. SEAD aircraft have a very distinctive radar icon. You can see that same icon in the armory. In the armory, select a SEAD plane and look at the unit icon in the top right.
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Cobra5 2014年1月11日 10時11分 
Its a picture of a plane with a radio tower in the background.

Also you can just look for any plane that has a missile with the tag [SEAD] on it.
John Doe 2014年1月11日 15時15分 
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