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Nosfer 8 gen 2014, ore 12:48
Is there only pros in multiplayer now?
I really want to start to play multiplayer, but I'm afraid that there's only old players playing now (and I have no chanse against them, ofc :D). What can you say?
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compassghost 8 gen 2014, ore 13:00 
Probably a lot of new players with all the sales going on.
thescythianking 8 gen 2014, ore 13:05 
well i play lots of 2v2 and 3v3 and myself nor my team are pros but ppl seem to leave randomly i would say players are average not pros for the most part.
Sond 10 gen 2014, ore 14:44 
No, lots of noobs like myself. Play the 10v10 maps. Click server list and join the larger games to learn. Don't be afraid.
Soules 10 gen 2014, ore 15:14 
oh no people that dont give you a chance to fight back are no pros but noobs people that ctually hunt for a good fight are pros and i really appreciate that there are enough of them playing other wise i would never play this game again even thought it is my second tactical game after company of heroes both 1 and 2
DelroyMonjo 11 gen 2014, ore 18:01 
Unfortunately, the player levels are not shown in the games lobby as they were in WEE, which at least somewhat indicated what type of weapons and experience a player would bring to a MP game. In ALB, level only indicates approx. how much time you have put into the game which generally would indicate some better grasp of the finer details of the game, such as what counters and tactics work well against the opposition, how to recon with stealth, where to place certain units to gain an advantage, etc., things you can only learn thru experience.
It's too bad that the avg. experience level is not shown in the game lobbies so people can join a group of players having approx. the same abilities, as was the case in WEE. TBH, I don't think most long experienced players enjoy rolling roughshod over a group of noobs just as the less experienced players don't enjoy it. If you're new to the game, start your own game lobby and just state 'new players only' or something like that, most people will respect your request and we will all be better off for the players gaming others with similsr skill levels.
Enigmatic 11 gen 2014, ore 20:10 
I feel like it's full of new players.. After the sale especially, I don't enjoy playing against newer players rather don't mind playing with them.
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