Reginaldo 1. tammi 13.49
que jogo maius lixo
eu aki pensando que era de guerra com jatos
e é esta porcaria de jogo
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orcbuster 1. tammi 13.50 
well thats what you get when you don't look up what sort of game it is first.
Reginaldo 1. tammi 14.49 
I looked at the videos and seemed to be a great game ...
orcbuster 1. tammi 14.59 
It is a great game, if a deep authentic-ish RTS is what you are looking for.

The trailers all state that this is an RTS though.
Reginaldo 1. tammi 16.03 
I do not know much about it ...
I just know it plays
I saw the video I found cool
bought and found orrivel or playing the tutorial enciana
Reginaldo 1. tammi 16.04 
ja is not the first ...
I bought one day and neither works
downloaded to leave montanah played well in the beginning and gave error
already installed a 4 time
Nobru 2. tammi 1.26 
cara, joga um pouco e da uma lida nas estrtégias básicas do jogo , talvez isso faça você gostar do jogo
Reginaldo 4. tammi 18.28 
mas como faço com o tutorial que nao me explica como que joga
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