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[Cpt.Steel] 2013年12月30日 11時10分
looking for people to train with
hey guys, im looking for people that would like to train with me.
the training will be skirmishes and skirmishes Vs AI.
the idea is to create a little party, that then we will be able to join online games
and actually know each other, avoiding teaming with 13 y/0 kidies.
Voice Chat is optional, i dont know about you but i dont like talking via mic.
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stump 2013年12月30日 12時33分 
That sounds interesting to me Opti, but I have some drawbacks and no offense whatsoever if i am not what u are looking for. Gorst I am a total novice. I can't even beat tutorial 3 yet, after maybe 6 orr 8 attempts. came close a few times, :-) Second, I'm far from a kid with a fast brain and super clicking skills. The reason i am interested is because playing skirmish against the AI is fun, but when ur new, trgere is way too much going on with their 50 or 100 units on the field and u don't even know what half of em are, let alpne how to resspond. I spent some time reying to forve the ai to use a deci i created, then found in the forum, that it isn't possible. My odeal match would be someone that enjoys having fun above all else. Maybe, in a 1v1 we'd make an agreement to only spend 300 or 500 points or something to keep the battle managable while learning strategies, Or maybe u'd want to work on learning how to best fight as Pol force so i could play that side, etc, etc. I'm retired and don't have a regular sleep pattern so I couldn't be counted to always be availabe at a scheduled time, but I have a lot of spare time and play at 4am, 11 am, 7pm, wharever, so i'd be available wuite a bit. I'd do better on rem speak than ryping because my typing speed is extremely slow, but i don't even have the teamspeak stuff nymore so i'd have to get that. I haven't played any multiplayer for years now because of just the thing u mentioned.
[Cpt.Steel] 2013年12月30日 12時39分 
hey sum, its ok im not really a pro as well.
also i am disabled, i dont work, so i have planty of time to spare.
what we can do is play 1vs1 because the AI is really cheating in this game.
1vs1 will teach you as well as me, about units and how to use them and how to conter them.
i sent you an invite, hope we will see each other in game sometime soon ;)
Jewgunman 2013年12月30日 13時22分 
Check this guy out his play style makes it seem easy.
[Cpt.Steel] 2013年12月30日 13時52分 
yeah i saw it, he had it easy because the enemy didnt even tried to capture the hill...
Libra 2013年12月30日 14時12分 
Hey guys. Im pretty much a novice to. Dont want to join a random game and having my teammates wish I werent there! Or waste anyone who is half decent his time on 1v1's. I'm randomly online depends on afew things. Send me an invite when ever you fancy
Gingestar 2013年12月30日 15時22分 
Hi guys i would like to join in if that is ok as im still new to the game.

Reading through the thread might i suggest watching these Videos they helped me grasp the game mechanics and also utlimatley pushed me into buying the game.

I'm mostley active in the evenings (GMT).

Send me an invite
stump 2013年12月30日 15時25分 
hi guys. i changed my nock to stump. i've been on steam for years but never paericipated on the community so ysed the sugar one as i do many places cuz that's a nickname my g/f gave me but would look pretty silly playin wargame. ;-) i don't know if it will change on ur list oprti.

thanx for the tip bush. i've been watchong 2 guys on utube that are excellent. vulcanHDGaming explains all the unit stats and how that applies in the game and Russ Dinero shows ya the best setups. to really learn as a newvie i'd recommend vulcan 1'st su u'll understand why ur picking a particular unit.

i'll send u an invite arsekos, but be warned, i'm terrible. jusr ask opti. :-)
Death by Snoo Snoo 2013年12月31日 3時10分 
150+ hours I'm not that great but I know basics and usually end up with a higher kill to death ratio. I'd be willing to do some computer matches and teach what I know
Doge 2013年12月31日 3時37分 
Im a newbie with 5 games online. Looking people to party with VoiceChat :) Add me .
No people under 16 please.
Koreansk-Dansk Ryger (-。-)y-゜゜ 2013年12月31日 4時39分 
Yup im up for some training too :)
The_Muppet 2013年12月31日 5時46分 
Pork chop の投稿を引用:
Im a newbie with 5 games online. Looking people to party with VoiceChat :) Add me .
No people under 16 please.

I can understand why... lol
Suriel 2013年12月31日 5時48分 
Hi guys. Feel free to add me ingame.
90h + of game time so far
Jeffreybakker 1月1日 6時28分 
Sounds like a good idea.
I'm up for some coop gaming.
Add me :)
Salis 1月2日 6時22分 
Count me in, lke the idea of a co-op v AI, looking good.
Narnoo 1月2日 11時18分 
just got the game and looking for a group to play with. i will add anyone who wants to play.
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