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davidbenhaim1 2014年4月26日 11時19分
i need please the download link of version 1616 patch...i am lokkimg for it for along time..
in the game lobby showed al the time note that i need to download and install this patch but i dont find it at all in web...
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Commander 6 2014年4月26日 14時36分 
With steam you never need to use the web to update a game. Just go to your game library, right click Wargame: AirLand Battle, click properties, go to the updates tab, and under automatic updates click the drop box and select to always keep the game up to date. Hope this helps.
davidbenhaim1 2014年4月29日 11時34分 
it was marked already for a long time but it still show the note :"please download the patch 1616 and install
davidbenhaim1 2014年4月29日 11時35分 
all the time the game updated itself but id ont know why it wont update with this patch
petri.piira 2014年4月29日 13時38分 
You have steam, your game should be up to date. Just ignore the red note in the lobby. Also, in the lower left there is a long build number with very small text, in the lower edge of the game panel which has the buttons for profile, multiplayer, etc. If that number ends in 1616 you are up to date.
永夜 2014年4月30日 6時42分 
Try downloading this if it's still like that, Steam doesn't automatically download this for your game.
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Wargame: AirLand Battle > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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