Lieutenant_Allah MK.01 2014年4月16日下午6:40
Canadian Drinking challenge!
What will you need? A bottle of geniune maple syrup, none of that fake stuff (can be from places other than canada like Vermont and New York), Canadian beer (must be from Canada). Step 1) mix beer with maple syrup. Step 2) play as Canada. Step 3) for every unit you lose you have to take 1 sip of the mixture. If your lose you have to down the whole bottle of syrup. Good luck, eh. Also if you are playing on a multiplayer game, you have to put "eh" after every flare you put down (example: attack here, eh?)

As and end note: chances are, you will not feel good later.
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Spooky804 2014年4月16日下午8:44 
lol yeah definatly sounds like a recipe for vomit
最后由 Spooky804 编辑于; 2014年4月16日下午8:44
Lieutenant_Allah MK.01 2014年4月16日下午9:21 
add some canada dry ginger ale into it as well, i bet it will help the vomiting issue. (not really)
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