De Wolfie 16 apr om 2:20nm
Planes not reacting to the evac order
I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if someone else has this problem, when where you call in planes and they are not reacting at all to the evac buttom no matter the situation, the only time they do evac manually is when you have pre-designated that order before you call in the plane(Target and then shift-click the evac).
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rpayne88 4 sep om 8:17nm 
Is it routing?
Maj_Cyric 8 sep om 1:49vm 
Is it Stunned from enemy AAA/Aircraft cannon fire?
De Wolfie 10 sep om 8:21vm 
Infact that might be, because I am not all too familiar with the game mechanics. But good to know.
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