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Countering NATO airpower
Hello, I've played a lot of EE but I've found that none of my previous strategies are of much use in ALB. I used to rely on quad-cannons and a tunguska or two to cover large areas, but the quads are pretty much obsolete vs aircraft and the tusguskas are too easily picked off one by one.

Can anyone recommend me a good stategy or which units to focus on? As for planes, should I use one or two elite units or spam a bunch of cheapies (as I see NATO do often)?
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Sword_of_Light Apr 5, 2014 @ 12:26pm 
Iggies. The problem with ground based anti-aircraft is that they are too easily picked off - last multi I fought, I fought as Pact, and both my mobile AA and SAM units took a pounding from well-placed Wild Weasel attacks. However - urban areas can be stocked with Igla armed AA infantry - which do not fall victim to anti-radar missles, and are harder to extract, espectially from rear areas. The Igla SAM is both accurate and effective, and several of these teams can bring down most inbound aircraft. The cost/benefit ratio is better too - as the risk of loosing a 20, 25 pointer as compared to knocking down a 120, 125 pointer is well worth it. Now - you do have to maintain their supply - four missles per unit get used pretty quick - especially if you run across an air assault deck. Igla infantry will also knock helos out of the air really, really well.

Igla armed helos are also a very effective anti-helo tactic - if you need them brought down in an area where there is no air defense, these can be your rapid reaction units.

I've also found the judicous use of MiG31s defending against aircraft to be a good tactic - their Vampyr missiles have a range of better than 10km, so you can park them in your backfield and let them fly circles until something tasty shows up.
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Dragoon Apr 5, 2014 @ 9:24pm 
I had the same problem when I first started playing. It's important to remember that quite a few AA unit have had their stats tweaked since EE. The OSA missiles, which were essentially useless in EE, are now quite potent - especially the AK and AKM variants. Additionally, the KUB and BUK systems, which were a bit of overkill in the last game, are now probably your best bet for area-wide air defense. Just remember to park a supply truck nearby, as they eat through ammo quite rapidly.

It's also important to remember that SEAD can only hit radar-guided units. Infra-red missiles, like Strela-10 are immune, as are some AA guns, such as the M53/59 Praga. If the unit doesn't have RAD listed in their armament, SEAD can't hit them.

Finally, if you manually turn off the unit's weapon, they are also protected. You can flick off a ZSU-23-4's guns, wait for the SEAD to fly away, and then turn it back on to hit the subsequent attackers. It's usually too much work on larger maps, but this sort of micro can pay off in smaller matches.
What I've started to do is to take out the quads from my decks (they can at most stun aircraft anyways) and use the extra points to bring in more tunguskas and BUKs. I will concentrate them in small clusters of 2-3 tunguskas and 1-2 BUKs over an area I want to control. I'm also using the SU-27s for aerial defence.

What I've noticed is that some NATO players get a bit too optimistic about their aircrafts capabilities. If I lure them in, I can then turn my AA missles on them nab easy kills far beyond the reach of their own AA. So far its working, but then again I'm mostly playing against inexperienced players.
Sword_of_Light Apr 6, 2014 @ 9:41am 
...and, I'm very surprised by the effectiveness of the Polish Hibneryt ZU-23-2. They're remarkably effective disposable assets. I have 16 in my air assault deck, and they'll blow up if NATO uses harsh language near them - but they're good at swatting down helos, and the first time I tried them were responsible for some high cost aircraft losses for NATO. For 10 points a pop, thats a high gain, low loss asset. I could loose ten of these things, and come out even if they shot down just one NATO anti-radar bird.
Traffic Conez Apr 7, 2014 @ 1:17am 
PACT AA/AAA is pretty good its just learning how to micro them out of danger that is hard

1) Use Tunguskas however turn off the cannons rendering them invisible to SEAD often people send there Ravens in only to be destroyed

2) Buk M1 pretty much dominate the skies, use them in forest to your advantage

3) The Polish AA on a truck as said by sword of light is rather decent, hide them in a forest and your enemy often mistakes it for an actual tunguska. Also happens a lot when I use Igla team + AAA transport
roirraw Apr 7, 2014 @ 3:48pm 
I would skip tung's and go for TOR/BuK M1 combo with a strella 10m carrier for closer up counters. The strella will fire on incomming craft and when they turn or try to evac they should be over the 2nd/3rd tier AA network. Learn to micro the radar if SEAD is out but use BTR-Skreznet's with infantry and you wind up with cannon AA that's pretty accurate and does good damage. Now you can move them up together and shoot everything out of the sky quite easily.
Originally posted by Traffic Conez:

2) Buk M1 pretty much dominate the skies, use them in forest to your advantage

Doesn't putting a missle battery in a forest really screw with their line of sight (and therefore targetting)?
Traffic Conez Apr 7, 2014 @ 11:45pm 
Originally posted by JAD . . . is a brony D: :
Originally posted by Traffic Conez:

2) Buk M1 pretty much dominate the skies, use them in forest to your advantage

Doesn't putting a missle battery in a forest really screw with their line of sight (and therefore targetting)?

Yes there is a decrease in range (not accuracy) however placing them in the forest really sh*ts on any planes optics. I believe in a raven you must be within 1500-1000m before you can spot anything in a forest and by that time your Buk would have taken 2 shots at the Raven.
Kreamy Apr 18, 2014 @ 12:16pm 
MiG 31's are key. the M variant has Fire&Forget missiles, and the basic has to keep visual until impact. Still, they are good aircraft to have circling the backfield as previously said. BUKs are fantastic, as long as you DONT have them grouped and spaced far enough apart they can cover eachother, i.e. when a Raven comes out to play, it may take down 1 BUK, but the other 2 or 3 will make sure it never goes home. Also, SUPPLY TRUCKS ARE A MUST! I always set 2 supply trucks next to each BUK. Once you have the enemy afraid to unleash its air (or all of it is dead), you can play as if it is EE all over again
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