TJkiwi [2MEF] 4月4日下午3:38
you do not have the right to play this game
I bought this game about a year ago, played it a few times, have the CD key and all. Everytime I try to log in (my accounts are linked) it keeps saying that. Recently I had to factory reset my computer due to a worm and have just reinstalled everything onto my computer. I am running windows 8.1
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Evil Unk 4月4日下午5:49 
Link your account
TJkiwi [2MEF] 4月4日下午9:28 
I did. It kept saying "CD key already in use" 4月5日上午3:29 
Maybe you have used another account for that game? Can you resend the account details to your e-mail account?`

If that not help, write to Eugen.....
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