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Ramón Castro 21 มี.ค. @ 10:26am
Changing e-mail
Does anyone know how to change the e-mail linked to their Wargame account. I have recently changed e-mails and would like to update this account with my new e-mail details.
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Commander 6 21 มี.ค. @ 12:12pm 
I don't think email has anything to do with your wargame account. I is probably linked to just your steam account. I could be wrong so check to make sure.
ŊЏ | Shifu 22 มี.ค. @ 6:33am 
You're wrong, Commander :p
E-mail to eugsupport[at]eugen.fr
Commander 6 22 มี.ค. @ 10:08am 
Whoops, sorry :P
Ramón Castro 22 มี.ค. @ 11:10am 
so I have to send a message to eugsupport[at]eugen.fr, right?
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Ramón Castro 22 มี.ค. @ 7:00pm 
I have already sent the email, now, I'm waiting for an answer...
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