Kushtaka 3月18日上午8:24
Looking for Teammates
I'm looking for teammates lvl 2+ that have a concept of the game, you don't have to be amazing at it. I have a teamspeak set up and there's about 12 others of us who play regularly. Add/message me for more info.
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LUC 3月18日下午12:26 
i would like to join + i have my own teamspeak
Growler612 3月18日下午1:23 
I'm not very good. But enjoy the game. Have teamspeak also. I too would like to join if you will have me.
greenmachine_6 3月18日下午5:07 
ill hit u up
71st_AH_dB 3月19日上午11:06 
Guys we are recruiting to build a team at TAW. Why don't you come and have a look www.taw.net. Enrolez vous :)
Carver=VX9= 3月19日下午6:07 
I would be interested in grouping up. Just recently picked up the game and really enjoying it. US East Coast.
Kushtaka 3月19日下午6:28 
TAW, no one wants to join your bad team
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