Kushtaka 18. maalis 8.24
Looking for Teammates
I'm looking for teammates lvl 2+ that have a concept of the game, you don't have to be amazing at it. I have a teamspeak set up and there's about 12 others of us who play regularly. Add/message me for more info.
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LUC 18. maalis 12.26 
i would like to join + i have my own teamspeak
Growler612 18. maalis 13.23 
I'm not very good. But enjoy the game. Have teamspeak also. I too would like to join if you will have me.
greenmachine_6 18. maalis 17.07 
ill hit u up
71st_AH_dB 19. maalis 11.06 
Guys we are recruiting to build a team at TAW. Why don't you come and have a look www.taw.net. Enrolez vous :)
Carver=VX9= 19. maalis 18.07 
I would be interested in grouping up. Just recently picked up the game and really enjoying it. US East Coast.
Kushtaka 19. maalis 18.28 
TAW, no one wants to join your bad team
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