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enigma1933 15 มี.ค. @ 8:05pm
Air Superiority Strategy and SEAD Ambush (Counter)
Hello Comrades, i have new strategies to fight against NATO airforce:

1. build up AA defence, and patrol with Mig31 behind it, use your high range superiority, make circles in that area, even if there are no enemy fighters, fly out, then return to base, fly out again etc......

2. Build up AA defence with Infrared Anty air in Front (form line) make behind high valuable target like the buk, when enemy sead tries to kill your Buck, you have an ambush, and with dense AA - he will loose all his SEAD capacity and your team mates also prefer from it

Make this joke please:

lead your mouse from above or down to the X - Letter and look what happend


....................... X (high valuable target)


This is how the principle works, you dont see me, but i see you ;-)

look at the pictures below (scheme)

1) http://www7.pic-upload.de/16.03.14/ast5xza61p7v.jpg

2) http://www.pic-upload.de/index.php?to=upload
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McMacky 16 มี.ค. @ 4:54am 
Yay, another player has learned how to utilize LRAAMs so that they can't be countered by anything but other LRAAMs. Which only two nations have. Yay.
Randy 16 มี.ค. @ 6:11am 
Wow, he strategy
Very interesting
Such new
Profile Name 16 มี.ค. @ 9:15am 
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย Swidger:
Wow, he strategy
Very interesting
Such new

i bet his mom is proud of him.

and he even dont have ALB on his game list.
DarthHamer 16 มี.ค. @ 9:18pm 
Massive Mig-31 wagon circles? In ALB?

Noooooooooooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
enigma1933 17 มี.ค. @ 7:00am 
you are noobs you dont know how to play
enigma1933 17 มี.ค. @ 7:00am 
You even dont know for what the name MiG stands for (sure you can google but youre noobs and dont know anything.)
Ysiri 17 มี.ค. @ 8:01am 
^ lolstwat :D
Profile Name 17 มี.ค. @ 10:57am 
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย enigma1933:
you are noobs you dont know how to play

u madfag? hahaha
McMacky 17 มี.ค. @ 10:59am 
Your other post was equally as bad, but I didn't wasnt to say anything for fear of making you feel bad. Now I don't know why I bothered.
Profile Name 17 มี.ค. @ 11:03am 
he is just a bad troll. or rly dumb child.
corpsman-up 17 มี.ค. @ 2:49pm 
He doesn't own the game, it's not on his account. And he can't own it anywhere else, since Steam is the only way to get it (even other dealers make you link it to Steam)
enigma1933 19 มี.ค. @ 10:16am 
Compassghost 19 มี.ค. @ 10:37am 
Why would you need 2?
enigma1933 19 มี.ค. @ 10:38am 
for the tower PC with big TV screen + laptop I dont want to switch every time
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Monster Fart 19 มี.ค. @ 8:26pm 
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย enigma1933:
for the tower PC with big TV screen + laptop I dont want to switch every time

lol, that shut them up, eh comrade? on another note, i dont like russians and slavs. which means i dont like you, comrade.
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